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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:New user needs advice.
Date:02:04:02 13/01/2007

> Hi everyone
> i am an ubuntu edgy user, i am looking for a perfect signal monitor, and kismet is perfect for me, even more than perfect.
> however i must know if it will work with my card, that is an integrated intel IPW2100
> Can i just install and it will work, or i will end into the "rfmon" hell?
> Thanks alot!

Look at the top of this page... See the word "Documentation" ? Thats a so called "Hypertext Link" to another page.
If you click on that word (move the mousepointer over the word, then click the left mouse button. NB! If you use a Mac computer, it's the only button on the mouse), you will be taken to another page on this site.

Read all the contents on that page, and pay particular note to the information given in section 12. That information will answer your question.

Oh, AND pay particular note to the last Q & A in the FAQ section.


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