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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:execute script, if new AP Found
Date:15:49:26 12/01/2007

> > Hello Everyone
> >
> > for a new idea, i need to execute a script with the MAC address as a option , to get a pic from the Webcam and store it on the harddisk. This is for reporting the enviroment of the accesspoint.
> > Any idea to build this.
> >
> > greetz chw
> Try to replace the /bin/play program, in kismet.conf or kismetui.conf that plays a tune when a new ap found with the name of a program that takes a snapshot.

Thats an interesting method, yeah, you could kluge it in with that to match the 'new' sound in the arguments.

Theres no builtin way to do it. You could either write a small client to parse the tcp data from the server (theres a perl module to make it easier) and trigger it that way, or you could hack the server or the client to do a system(...) call -- be careful about security, there.


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