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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:KISMET/GPSD/GooleEarth incorrect/inconsistent waypoint mapping help!
Date:20:48:22 10/01/2007

> Hi Dutch and thanks!
> GPSD,O=GSA 1168452209.000 0.005 41.419442 -121.971248 9.84 19.20 14.70 0.0000 0.051 0.000 ? ? ? 3
> That last 3 shows that I'm in 3D mode and I forgot to mention that I have collected my data both from inside the building and the parking lot. Same results either way. My location is in a valley and we happen to be on a flat plane so I don't think its refraction. I've done some googling and read through the gpsd readme but I'm not finding 'datum|data' set and am still unclear.

The datum has nothing to do with GPSD. GPSD reports what the GPS tells GPSD, nothing more.
It's the map projection datum set on the GPS. Plug the following words into Mr. Google, and read what he returns : "LT-20 Datum WGS84".


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