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Posted by:cera
Subject:GPS Logging Questions
Date:05:25:00 04/01/2007

These previous posts have helped to answer my questions.

I should use the .gps xml file since it contains a complete picture of the data. The CSV file provides summary information about particular radios.

I thought the CSV file was providing raw data since some radios would appear more than once. I'm guessing there is some minimum duration before it is logged regardless.

Please let me know if I have missed something. Thank you!

> I have logged the CSV output file and am trying to determine the positions of Access Points, and have a couple of questions.
> The GPSBest* fields appear to be the position of the observation, not the Access Points. Is it just logging the position given in the NMEA data from gpsd?
> I would like to know what is meant by the "FirstTime" and "LastTime" fields. In my trial runs, some values have spreads of 5+ minutes. Is the GPSBest* field the best estimate from within that time duration?
> After about 90 minutes, we received only 600 readings. Is it possible to get a raw stream that gives more readings (assuming some filtering is going on)?
> FYI: The documentation appears truncated in "Graphical Network Mapping" section. "Gpsmap reads the netxml and gpsxml files, sanitizes the data, <end of paragraph>".
> Thank you kindly for your time.

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