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Posted by:cera
Subject:GPS Logging Questions
Date:00:55:25 04/01/2007

I have logged the CSV output file and am trying to determine the positions of Access Points, and have a couple of questions.

The GPSBest* fields appear to be the position of the observation, not the Access Points. Is it just logging the position given in the NMEA data from gpsd?

I would like to know what is meant by the "FirstTime" and "LastTime" fields. In my trial runs, some values have spreads of 5+ minutes. Is the GPSBest* field the best estimate from within that time duration?

After about 90 minutes, we received only 600 readings. Is it possible to get a raw stream that gives more readings (assuming some filtering is going on)?

FYI: The documentation appears truncated in "Graphical Network Mapping" section. "Gpsmap reads the netxml and gpsxml files, sanitizes the data, <end of paragraph>".

Thank you kindly for your time.

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