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Posted by:securehell
Subject:Switching between kismet and wifi configuration
Date:18:35:42 02/01/2007

Forgive another newbie question...

I have built my latest kernel with the orinoco_cs, hostap_cs, etc. drivers and I have installed wlan-ng for the prism2_cs driver. When I plug in my WPC11 wireless card the kernel drivers load automatically. I also can insmod the prism2_cs driver and run kismet.

What I am not clear on is (after stoping kismet and unloading the prism2_cs.ko module) how to now join a wifi network and keep the two configurations (kismet/wlan-ng and wifi) separate. Can I do all with the prism2_cs driver or do I still need the orinoco_cs driver from my kernel for regular wifi stuff?

Any suggestions on managing the two uses of my wireless card?


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