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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet is dropping dns packets?
Date:16:41:56 02/01/2007

> Hi,
> I'm new of kismet.
> I search a bit in the kismet forum, but I didn't find any solution to my problem and so I'im posting it here.
> I'have a Hp compaq nx8220 with wireless card ipw2200. I'm using opensuse10.2.
> My goal is to sniffer the information sent in the air by my UMA mobile. In order to doing that, I would use kismet to create a dump file with all the packets and use wireshark for a offline analysis.
> the steps I do are: run kismet, select the network to analyze, lock the channel, switch on the mobile and register to network, make a call, wait kismet for save the data, close kismet, open the dump with wireshark.
> what I obtain is that I see DHCP packets, ARP packets, UDP packets but I don't see any DNS packet.

DNS packets are UDP. There is no mechanism in Kismet which would result in it filtering DNS frames, assuming they're not otherwise corrupted by the drivers.


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