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Posted by:pike168
Subject:Buffalo WLI-CB-G54HP Card Problems.
Date:20:31:28 29/12/2006

i purchased a buffalo WLI-CB-G54HP yesterday and it works fine on windows, however, when i try to run it in back|track linux, it is not recognized. I have had this problem before and used "ndiswrapper -i" to fix it. this doesnt seem to be working however because when i list the installed drivers, it says the driver is installed correctly and the device is present, yet the power LED's do not show any sign of power.

i have used kismet with my other cards, a belkin wireless G and a D-link G680 and they work wonderfully. the reason i liked the the buffalo is because it has a MC connector port which allowed me to install antennas.

do you know any way to fix my drivers problems OR should i exchange the card for another WLAN card?

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