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Posted by:sharpspark
Subject:Signal Strength Graph
Date:15:07:08 26/12/2006

If kismet produces the output log file with the info you need, maybe you can just read the file and extract the info you need in real time as it is being written.

I know... make your own kismet client to connect to the kismet server and just extract the info you need from the server.

> Hello all.
> After some googling, documentation reading, forum search, all I found about "Signal Strength Graph" is that old (2003) message. Really nothing already up to draw real-time or nearly real-time graphs, mean maybe a csv parser ? Any hint ?
> Ty in advance. Paolo, at1839
> > My question is, is there a way of having a real-time graph (like the packet rate graph) for signal strength?? So I have a graphical representation of my incoming signal strengths, based on a selected network??

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