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Posted by:sharpspark
Subject:Prism 2 help!
Date:15:04:39 26/12/2006

try source=prism2,wlan0,Kismet

For more interface names besides "prism2' read the documentation which has more sources to choose from.

If you can't write to the kismet.conf, make sure you are root. Run the su command to become root.

> Hey, I need help deciding what to put in for the "source=" part in the config file. I have a SWL-2000N from Samsung, I checked the chipset like in the documentation and it seems to be Prism 2... but I dunno what to put in for the source? something like "source = wi0,wlan0,prism2source?" ALSO, I cant seem to WRITE to kismet.conf.. like i cant edit it... im a linux n00b so any help in that area would be helpful as well.
> Thanks in advance.

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