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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Diag WIFI, The Black Art
Date:18:35:48 24/12/2006

> If I ping a connection and a packet doesn't get through how would you guys figure out why it didn't get through?
> I thought I knew what I was doing.
> I even got selected for a job developing linux WIFI nodes.
> But when I think I've got it nailed I discover dropped packets.

You need to remember that WiFi is not just about standard networking knowledge. You need to know just as much about radio waves as you do about TCP/IP. I.E. If you only know about networking, you'll be at an disadvantage. Same if you only know about RF technology.

Since I'm guessing you know your way around the OSI layers, I would suggest you read up on RF propagation and technology, and possibly even take a basic HAM course at your local ARRL chapter.

Good luck.


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