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Posted by:nils
Subject:Some usefull programs
Date:20:48:30 21/12/2006

> My Delphi/Pascal grok is severely rusty, since I haven't coded in those languages for almost a decade.. But I'll bite, and would like to take a look at the source.. Post them somewhere, and I'll take a peek at them.
> Dutch

Hi Dutch!

I coded v2.0 of MergeCSV which should now fix all of the bugs you listet! It was a lot of work and the perfomance went down like expected! It took me 1.3 sec for about 3300 APs to merge (1,6Ghz Intel CPU). But I think it's still fast enough!
You'll find the source here:

I don't know if I'll fix MergeXML, too.

How can I solve the problem with MergeGPS cause I don't know which file corresponds to a .gps-file! I could just exchange the file extension to .xml but this is not the best. Any idea?


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