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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Some usefull programs
Date:20:33:39 21/12/2006

> Thanks for your message!
> It's written in Pascal and compiled with Lazarus! I'll perhaps release the source, but C++ would be much better for that reason...
> Yes, everything is true what you said! It's a very simple alogrithm cause i can write almost everything directly into the output file! Otherwise i would have to use a buffer or something like that!
> But I'll think about this!
> If you're capable of Pascal/Delphi language, you might want to have a look at the source?
> Nils

My Delphi/Pascal grok is severely rusty, since I haven't coded in those languages for almost a decade.. But I'll bite, and would like to take a look at the source.. Post them somewhere, and I'll take a peek at them.


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