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Posted by:nils
Subject:Some usefull programs
Date:11:25:23 20/12/2006

> Nice work Nils, will the sourcecode be released ?
> There are a few minor caveats with the logmergers :
> MergeCSV and MergeXML doesn't update lat/lons. I.E. if the first file contains a network with an unknown lat/lon (90.000000/180.000000/-90.000000/-180.000000 pairs), and the same network is found with valid lat/lons in a latter file, the merged file will still contain the values indication an unknown lat/lon.
> MergeCSV and MergeXML doesn't update values for found packets. It just takes the value from the first file. It ought to update the value by adding the values of that field with the values from the next file where the same network is logged.
> MergeCSV and MergeXML doesn't update the LastSeen value, only taking it from the first detection of a network. It ought to update it with the LastSeen values from subsequent detections in the next files. Same with the detectionrun time values.
> MergeXML doesn't add additional clients for a network, found in the next files. It only takes the clients detected for a network, from the first file the network is detected in.
> MergeGPS doesn't amend the reference to the corresponding xml file, but just keeps the value from the first file.
> Dutch

Thanks for your message!
It's written in Pascal and compiled with Lazarus! I'll perhaps release the source, but C++ would be much better for that reason...
Yes, everything is true what you said! It's a very simple alogrithm cause i can write almost everything directly into the output file! Otherwise i would have to use a buffer or something like that!
But I'll think about this!
If you're capable of Pascal/Delphi language, you might want to have a look at the source?


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