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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:apt-get Kismet
Date:11:04:01 20/12/2006

> I've searched the forums, but have been unsuccessful. I'm simply trying to install Kismet using apt-get. I've found a few sites that say to use apt-get install kismet or kismetc, but apparently neither package can be found. Can anyone provide any insight into this for me.
> Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

If you are using apt-get, you're probably using debian or a debian deriatived distribution.
You need to add whatever repository your distribution uses in your apt-get sources file, so it knows where to look for the kismet package maintained by your distributions packagemaintainers.

But the official and best way to have an up-to-date kismet installation, is to pull down the latest sources from svn and compile yourself.
Most distributions don't have the latest version in their packagetree. Sometimes it's even 2-3 releases behind.


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