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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:minimum requirements?
Date:03:17:58 20/12/2006

> yes, but not quickly.
> It will definitely run the server. With the current client, once you get a few hundred networks it'll probably be pretty slow. I plan to address a lot of client list management issues in there.
> The server itself can run on low-power embedded hardware, and I've run it myself for long periods of time on a P200MMX.
> -m

Mike, you need to give your C++ grokiness far more credit.

I've regularly used Kismet on a 128MB Pentium 266/MMX on a Dell Latitude CP, and logged several thousand networks pr run, on my wardrives.
And that was with GPSDrive running under X at the same time, visualizing the networks via the gpsdrive compatible waypoint file created real time by kismet, storing logged networks in the MySQL GPSDrive POI database, and announcing new discovered nets through Festival Lite. AND displaying the client in an xterm at the same time. The trick here is to not let the client autosort, but manually sort the displayed lists at the start of the run, in order of first seen.

My ProxyStumbler using the same hardware, but only running the server and gpsd, installed in a Copenhagen Taxi cab during the month of October regularly logged in excess of 6000 networks during the 12 hour shifts that the cab had, and netted me over 30000 new networks for my Wigle stats, with .gps logs having sizes above 70 MB per run.

Ofcourse during wardriving I don't log packets into .dump files, but for straight wardriving, kismet runs extraordinairyly well on low specced machines.

So don't cut your C++ coding skills down, even if you feel that the old Kismet is not optimally coded.


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