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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:nokia 770 please help newbiee needs help
Date:17:47:07 19/12/2006

> please help (nokia 770 maemo)
> I finally got to install kismet on my nokia 770. after running kismet i get the following error
> (FATAL: setifflags: unknown interface wlan0: Permission denied [1] + done(1) ${BIN}/kismet_server --silent ${server}
> i am using x terminal (i don't know if this would be helpful)
> i am really new to kismet (i have never used it but read alot about it and cant wait to be able to use it so any help would be greatly appreciated.
> thank you in advance
> Vick S.

Needs to be run as root. See the maemo forums for methods of getting root.


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