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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:2 problems with kismet
Date:17:46:07 19/12/2006

> 1.) When I start the program I can only see 1 NW, when I have 2, and theres about 5 in the surrounding area, Im using a Linksys WMP54G 802.11g/b NIC

Maybe the nic is crap, maybe the drivers are crap. Look at tcpdump and see what you get, I'd expect you're not getting beacons or anything from other networks in rfmon.

> 2.)I get this "GPSD cannot connect: Connection refused" when I load kismet, how can I fix that and access some of the GPS functionality, I have everything that was recommended in the FAQ installed.

Install, configure, and start gpsd. Links are in the docs, or google.


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