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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:swatch use with kismet logs
Date:17:31:31 19/12/2006

> Hi,
> I would like to use swatch to send me an email when kismet detects an entry with a type of infrastructure.
> It appears that when I run Kismet-2006-04-R1 and choose log output type of network or csv that the log file is rewritten approx every 5 minutes with new data and swatch doesn't like this. However, if I use dump format it appears the log file is kept open for writting but swatch can't view this output format.
> Is there a was for text output to be written to a log file without kismet closing it and reopening it?

Two options would fit your needs:

1 - use C or perl and write a tiny kismet client that logs to syslog for you and watch that
2 - grab newcore and write a plugin to write to syslog directly (probably about 30 lines of code, max). Newcore isn't quite done yet, but mostly what is lacking is a gui/frontend, the server is fine
3 - hack up the Kismet code so that it logs text to syslog. If you go this route, look at the KisLocalStatus or NetWriteStatus in ... throw a few syslog calls around those and you're set.


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