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Posted by:sack error in make
Date:02:53:47 15/12/2006

> Grabbed the latest version of the trunk code and this error is coming up during make:
> In function ‘int Iwconfig_Set_Channel(const char*, int, char*)’:
> error: ‘struct iw_freq’ has no member named ‘flags’
> error: ‘IW_FREQ_FIXED’ was not declared in this scope
> make: *** [iwcontrol.o] Error 1
> Something I'm overlooking?

i had this error too , compiling current svn code against kernel version 2.6.8 , the problem is that flag field in iw_freq was added in kernel 2.6.17 so should have to upgrade.

If you have a correct version of kernel then you have to install linux-kernel-headers ( debian ) linux-libc-dev ( ubuntu ) or equivalent package from your distro that supply /usr/include/linux/wireless.h or use ./configure --with-linuxheaders=<location_of_kernel_headers> to specify a different location.

> ~ Chris


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