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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:How do I configure Kismet.
Date:19:49:09 14/12/2006

> > > I have a Netgear WG511 and I want to know how I configure it for Kismet. How do I save the .conf file after I edit it?
> >
> > I would suggest you use the save command in the editor which you edited the .conf file in....
> >
> > Dutch
> Ok this is what it says for the do I do them?
> ^G Get Help ^O WriteOut ^R Read File ^Y Prev Page ^K Cut Text ^C Cur Pos
> ^X Exit ^J Justify ^W Where Is ^V Next Page ^U UnCut Txt ^T To Spell

You aren't to bright are you ? Read the help for the editor that you are using, if you can't figure it out from the above list of commands. And a hint : The way to read the help for that editor you are using, is listed in the command list you just pasted above.

> Also, this is what it says for my source= what do I need to configure it to to work with my card.

You use the correct source statement for the chipset your card contains. Find out what chipset it has, then look at the Kismet documentation, section 12, and amend the source line according to the statements necessary for that chipset.


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