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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Failed to run KISWIN32
Date:22:55:11 12/12/2006

> > > Thanks for the fast reply!
> > >
> > > If I want to code my own wireless sniffer on WINXP, which API should I use ?
> >
> > There are no drivers capable of providing raw 802.11 packets on windows from consumer cards.
> >
> > If there were, Kismet would work with them already.
> >
> > -m
> take a look at this german forum:
> It's a passive WLAN-Scanner. You need an AiroPeek compatible WLAN-Card!

So you will pay for the license to use the copyrighted work of WildPackets in Kismet ? Or are you saying that dragorn, a talented programmer who works as such for a living, and makes Kismet for fun, should pay out of his own pocket for a license so YOU can use WildPackets's AeroPeek driver ?

Because you aren't sincerely suggesting that dragorn should steal the work of WildPackets, are you ?

In case you don't know, the AeroPeek drivers are the copyrighted proprietary work of WildPackets, for use with THEIR AeroPeek program. Unless you got a license from them, you are breaking the law by using it with another program.


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