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Posted by:DanEfergan
Subject:Looking for example .cvs files
Date:15:06:12 12/12/2006

Hi All,

I'm building a system similar to Wigle but focused on a single (UK) city. The system will finally utilize public transport with built in wardriving kit. I assume this kit will be running Kismet. (This is the shortened version, if people are interested in this project please feel free to get in touch)

The online system to combine all this data will need to parse a standard output into the db. Seems like Kismet .csv and netstumbler should cover most bases, do people agree?

We're still in an early phase and so I've been using KisMac currently rather than Linux kit and Kismet. Seems like KisMac doesn't output a Kismet .csv though, am I being dumb or is that the case?

Has anyone got access, or know where to find some example Kismet .csv wardrives to help us look at this stuff and confirm our future plans.

Thanks for any help,
Dan Efergan
dan [at]

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