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Posted by:latinsud
Subject:Speech & Sound suggestion
Date:13:13:13 11/12/2006

* There should be a way of getting kismet to shut up from command line. -q does not. Some possible ideas:
-q shuts speech too.
-qq (twice or more) be the one that shuts it up.
-Q for speech.
whatever else

* It'd be nice to allow arbitrary characters on speech string, filtering only variable text. Eg: "New network! Name: %s". The '!' would be allowed and the "%s" would be filtered while expanded.
It's only a suggestion, it may imply too much work or uncover potential security holes.
I personally use my own wrapper script so i don't care much:
sed 's/^(SayText "\(.*\)")$/\1/' | text2wave-es | sox -t wav - -t ossdsp /dev/dsp compand .01,.15 -100,-17 1 1 0.15

* There is a small typo in kismet_server inline help "...INADDR_ANY\n." should be "...INADDR_ANY.\n"

Have a nice monday.

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