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Posted by:nightbear
Subject:Best WLAN Card?
Date:20:20:04 04/12/2006

I´ve tested loads of wireless adapters with different applications and for networking itself. My conclusion is that prism 2.5 based cards (as the Senaos) are extremely versatile and still on top today - at least as long as you are not in need for connections faster than 11MB. Flashed with the latest firmware and using the hostap driver plus Juoni´s brilliant WPA-Supplicant you can maintain a top secure WPA2 connection with AES Encryption under Linux! No recent hardware gets any better.
The Hostap Driver can be compiled for various Kernels (if it´s not part of the Kernel already). Prism Chipsets use to work rocksolid, associate to an AP much faster than Atheros (within about 1 second!)
No Problems with Kismet are known to me except some odd values for signalstrength.
My favourite Prism cads are the Z-Com 325s - They are available with 30, 100, 200 and 300mW.

You can´t go wrong with the above mentioned Atheros based cards as well. They are perfect for fast networking and tools like Kismet. They are widely supported for both Windows and Linux (madwifi driver). Proxim´s b/g and a/b/g models are #1 here. (Heavy quality - still made in Taiwan!)

Both Hostap and Madwifi driver are easier to handle than the old Orinoco drivers and both meet todays security standards,

If you´re going to use the card for networking I´d definitely not reccommend a card with 200, 300 or even 500 mW - put your head into a microwave oven instead for the full heat feeling...

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