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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet-server on wrt54
Date:14:13:50 04/12/2006

> I've installed kismet-server on 2 of my wrt54's, works great for what I need; in the process of custom coding a client that will talk to it. I left both wrt54's running over the past 2 days. (They are running with no logging because of the space limitations on the devices).
> This morning, I'm unable to get my crude client code to talk to either server. "Connection is forcefully rejected" is the message I'm getting when I try to open either one of them. Are there known problems with the kismet-server wrt54 package running over a period of time?

The server isn't the most memory efficient thing out there -- I made some tradeoffs where it uses more memory to get more speed (multiple indices of data, etc). Theres no good way to add tunable knobs to that aspect of it. Over time, it will definitely use more ram as it sees more networks -- networks and clients both turn into permanent allocations. Packets, obviously, do not, those are all transient.

I'd check dmesg or other things on the system and see if the OOM killer caught it, or if it's just got too much data to track and is getting very slow.

Typically I recommend that people use the drone on the wrt54 and pipe the data to a system with more processing power and memory.

While it's conceivable that sometime in the future there could be a swap/cache system built into Kismet to offload older networks during runtime, it's not really something I expect I'll be focusing on myself any time in the near future.


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