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Posted by:TheX1le
Subject:H5455 Internal Wireless and Kismet Cookbook
Date:23:42:03 30/11/2006

After spending about 3 months trying to get kismet to run on my ipaq. I finally figured out how to make it work. All of the data I found on doing this is really old and so I figured I would update things to make it easier for people in the future.

The Compaq Ipaq H5xxx (must have internal wireless)
Familiar 8.4 >=
Kismet Arm IPKG
My Custom Start.Kismet script though you can tweak as necessary


export TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo
ifconfig wlan0 down
iwpriv wlan0 monitor 2 1
ifconfig wlan0 up

Once you get Familiar running on your Iraq install kismet.
Next is to configure your kismet.conf
You can set it up how ever you want, However your source should read

Once that is set up you need to run
export TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo "this sets up the terminal to run kismet"
iwpriv wlan0 monitor 2 1 "drops the card into monitor mode"

After that just run kismet and you should see packets captured and networks showing up.

It runs ok, its very basic however for a quick scan it cant be beat. A better wireless card would help but I wanted to see if I could do it with stock. I found that the start.kismet script makes start up a breeze. After your done a quick restart and your back to normal. Hope this helps – TheX1le

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