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Posted by:zion
Subject:problems with compiling kismet-devel.
Date:00:20:44 26/11/2006

> > been using kismet for a while now.
> > again, only get this error with r1889-r1893.
> > I've read some other posts on other forums with exactly the same error on a similar setups, so I assume it's related to GCC. On the other hand, someone said that >r1889 actually compiles fine on his debian box.
> >
> > Your help is appreciated.
> That introduces the proper channel mode being set. It ought to be defined in the same place your other wireless stuff is defined. It should be in the system wireless.h, works fine on all of my systems.
> -m

/usr/include/wireless.h is a part wireless-tools-28-i486-3 package. hmm, I'm kind of lost as of what to look for.

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