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Posted by:Robsteranium
Subject:installation on macosx
Date:10:34:18 24/11/2006

> Did you try "MAKE" AND "MAKE INSTALL"?
> OSX is basically some kind of FreeBSD so the linux commands should work. At least they did for me on my 2 Apple systems. But I have the OSX Developer Tools installed from the OSX CD...
> Hope this helps

I've had a similar output from configure, also running on OS X. I've tried without pcap and with syspcap, --with-linuxheaders, --enable-viha etc. I've ./configure'd make'd and make install'd. Kismet compiles, installs and recognises the airport driver (viha) but on plain kismet, server and drone the software exits with a segmentation fault?

I'm trying to deal with all the warning from configure now.

Could anyone point to the library's needed to fix the warnings from the configure output as above?

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