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Posted by:mrmeebles
Subject:Kismet works great except I can't type in it...
Date:14:23:31 22/11/2006

> Sounds like it might be a terminal problem? Try a straight up xterm or something... I've never encountered this one before, that's pretty odd.

Well, that is what I thought. I tried different consoles. But the cause probably has to do with a user side defect (me). It's caused by the permissions. If I start Kismet using su or gksudo (I'm running Ubuntu) then it switches to the black screen using root which I can read but not access because by then kismet has left root. If a run in a terminal logged in as root I can access it fine.

There were a few reasons why I didn't want to run as root but probably no good ones. Maybe I should just compile for root. Root is the only one that will ever run it on this machine.

Thank you for your time

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