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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet works great except I can't type in it...
Date:19:04:36 20/11/2006

> I'm running Kismet with ubuntu. It runs great except that I can't type to get popup screens. I had to turn off the intro screen so I could see the data because the terminal screen won't accept commands.
> I've tried Panels and curses in the config_ui. I went through and made sure I had all the curses files: libncurses, curses-perl, ncurses, etc; however, I still can't type.
> Any suggestions? Any dependencies that might be missing? It's not a huge problem . Kismet still saves the log files and functions normally. If I really want to be interactive then I use Gkismet.

Sounds like it might be a terminal problem? Try a straight up xterm or something... I've never encountered this one before, that's pretty odd.


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