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Posted by:nils
Subject:Right tool for the job
Date:15:43:27 16/11/2006

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> > There is no built-in WPA decoding in Kismet. Proper WPA (non WPA-PSK) uses a per-session key which would confuse kismet greatly.
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> Fair enough, but if anyone knows about such a tool, or a way I can use one tool (Kismet) to capture and another one (what?) to decrypt with the known key, I would greatly appreciate it. I do use WPA-PSK.
> Thanks for your reply

Probably airdecap-ng (which is included in aircrack-ng packet) can decrypt WPA-session.
I found this "airdecap-ng --help" :
-k <pmk> : WPA Pairwise Master Key in hex
-p <pass> : target network WPA passphrase

So it might work!


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