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Posted by:locks
Subject:How many packets per second are common?
Date:01:29:36 16/11/2006

> > Anyway, for now it just seems to me that the monitor mode of IPW3945 is working, however dropping a lot of packages. Too bad that I cannot use IPW3945 for packet injection :-(( [or can I ?!?].
> You can't! I'm glad monitor-mode is working a bit ;)
> As soon as kernel 2.6.19 is released i'll test the ipw3945 v1.1.2 and post the result.
> Nils

Was getting this problem too, 1 maybe 2 packets a second on ipw3945 (with driver 1.1.0). Turned out it has something to do with the ipw deamon (or so I'm lead to bel;ieve.
All I did was;
sudo ipw3945d- --kill

And the capture rate now ranges between 10 and lots (not sure exactly, have seen it jump by 1000 or so in one refresh). Depending on network load.

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