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Posted by:nit
Subject:identification of WPA etc
Date:17:23:34 15/11/2006

> > So as I currently understand your response, we can only surmise an educated guess when the wep bit is not set in the Frame Control Field and privacy bit is set.
> Privacy and wep are the same thing. Originally it indicated that wep was in use, now it means encryption is in use since there may be non-wep ciphers.
> > Just trying to make sense of the results that I have then - when I get a result that states encryption as 'WEP,TKIP,WPA'. Does this mean the encryption can be any one of these types? same goes for 'WEP,WEP40,TKIP,WPA,AES-CCM'.
> It means it advertised those capabilities. What it does when you try to use them is an entirely different question.
> -m

Ah I see, I was thinking that it would only indicate the actual encryption type in use for that frame. It makes more sense the way you have explained it.

Thank you, that information has been very helpful.


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