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Posted by:nit
Subject:identification of WPA etc
Date:17:10:55 15/11/2006

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> > I was just wondering if I need to capture a large section of packets to hone the identification of the encryption type, or is this as accurate as it gets?
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> > I look forwards to your responses.
> Encryption methods are pulled out of the WPA fields in the beacon frame. What you see is what it advertises.
> If there is no WPA capabilities field in the beacon and the privacy bit is set then it's assumed to be legacy WEP. There is no method to derive the key length of a wep frame if the wep length isn't advertised in the WPA cipher.
> -m

Thanks for that.

So as I currently understand your response, we can only surmise an educated guess when the wep bit is not set in the Frame Control Field and privacy bit is set.

That seems fair enough to assume that its vanilla wep then.

Just trying to make sense of the results that I have then - when I get a result that states encryption as 'WEP,TKIP,WPA'. Does this mean the encryption can be any one of these types? same goes for 'WEP,WEP40,TKIP,WPA,AES-CCM'.

Apologies for asking such a dumb question. I appreciate your help.


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