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Posted by:th0rnydev
Subject:Right tool for the job
Date:05:01:59 14/11/2006


I have a Linksys WRT54G AP (v6, unfortunately) which I use WPA encryption on. I live with a couple of strangers to split the rent, but unfortunately the cable bill is in my name. Everyone agreed to abstain from filesharing, but I don't think all of them are sticking to their part off the deal.

I have intel 2200bg, intel 3945abg and broadcom 4311 cards (all mini-pci), I can change the WPA-password at will (though running unsecured is not an option). Any suggestions for what tools I can use to get a packet dump?

I've understood how I can dump all the packets on a channel, and use those to get the key. But I have the key, I just want traffic to/from that particular accesspoint in a clear-text dump.

Thanks :)

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