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Posted by:ianox
Subject:How many packets per second are common?
Date:17:34:16 10/11/2006

I don't know how many beacons per second should be common, I was talking about any packages flying through the air.

I bought a NETGEAR WAG511 card today and with this card I was able to capture up to hundreds of packages per second, up to a megabyte of data every two seconds! That is what I wanted ;-)

I did not update the IPW3945 drivers you mentioned to the latest 1.1.2 version simply because I failed to manage to update the IEEE80211 version to the latest. Eventually I just gave up. It would be nice to know whether the change would actually make an impact on the receival rate of packages, however I would be more than astonished if it would make that much of a difference.

Anyway, for now it just seems to me that the monitor mode of IPW3945 is working, however dropping a lot of packages. Too bad that I cannot use IPW3945 for packet injection :-(( [or can I ?!?].

Best regards again, and thanks everyone for their help!

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