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Posted by:nils
Subject:How many packets per second are common?
Date:10:18:55 10/11/2006

> Hrm. Are there any other ones out there with IPW3945 that could either confirm low receival rates, or eventually that could help out with any hints and tips?

I just tested airodump-ng with my IPW3945. The result should be similar to kismets!
When i locked the channel to the one of my AccessPoint I only get about 25 beacons in one minute (should be around 600!)! If i hop on all channels, i get about 50 beacons!
This behaviour is very strange to me!
I'm using driver version 1.1.0 too, but 1.1.2 is available on sourceforge! Maybe this can improve something but i don't believe so!


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