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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:How many packets per second are common?
Date:15:59:53 09/11/2006

> Hello all,
> I was just wondering how many packets per second should be expected to be normal and common?

Depends on traffic load. 5-10 for no load, 4000-5000 for saturated doing network transfer.

> Now to capture millions of packets that can later on be used for cracking a WEP key, that would take ages. If so, WEP would probably still be considered somewhat secure.

It isn't. Look into aircrack and injection. WEP is laughably broken at this point.

> So, just out of curiosity, what rates do you all usually get, or are the drivers eventually dropping (a lot of?) packets? Thank you all for any replies and helpful hints!

Some drivers do a really good job capturing high data loads (prism54 seems to), some don't (zd doesn't seem to handle it well, some others). Unfortunately there isn't really a good way to know from the program how much the drivers are losing.


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