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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:the way kismet extract hidden ssids
Date:17:02:03 08/11/2006

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> > Fine, but what if no client talks with the AP, meaning the SSID is not sent at any time. I sniffed it with wireshark, there was no single cleartext SSID going through the air, but kismet already knew the SSID. How is that possible?
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> > Herakles
> Sorry, but i don't believe this really happened ;-)
> Did you start Kismet earlier than Wireshark?
> Try it another one, i'm sure it won't happen again! Kismet (and all other programs) absolutely need a connecting client!
> Make sure there is not such a client and try it again!

Kismet caches previously uncloaked SSIDs for just this reason. Once it discovers it once, it saves it linked to the BSSID. A future disclosure of a different SSID will take the place of the cached SSID.


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