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Posted by:romil
Subject:Problem sniffing 802.11 Data/Management packets
Date:22:43:09 27/10/2006

Hello all,

This is the first time i'm using Kismet and havent had much success.

Problem description:

I cannot capture TCP/UDP data packets, 802.11 Management packets.
All I can capture is 802.11 Acks,Probe request/response, NULL, beacon frames .
Apart from this I capture some SSDP packets and thats it.
I was sniffing using Aeropeek just to compare the Kismet and Aeropeek, and I could see the TCP data packets, and 802.11 Management packets.
I've locked the channel to 1, so I shouldnt be loosing data because of channel hopping.

Wireless card: Netgear WAG511
Driver src code: madwifi-0.9.2 (latest stable source as of Oct 27, 2006).
Kismet src code: latest stable source on Oct 27, 2006 ( Kismet-2006-04-R1).
Machine: I'm using an IBM T 30.

Parts kismet.conf I've modified:

sourcechannels=netgear:1 (I've set the channel to 1 in the AP)

Other information:
Kismet configure reports the following warnings:

configure: WARNING: uclibc++ not available on this system

configure: WARNING: *** Missing Linux netlink headers. wlanng_legacy source will not be built. ***

configure: WARNING: Using local radiotap support on a non-bsd system

configure: WARNING: *** Missing Magick-config ....

I have not installed the libraries required for GPS support as i only want to capture the packets and am viewing it using Ethereal.

Can some one tell me what am i doing wrong OR how to fix this porblem?

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