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Posted by:BigBug
Subject:Signal strengh not reported for Wifi clients with Atheros chipset
Date:20:31:45 26/10/2006


I have used many Wifi cards with Atheros chipset and I noticed that the signal strengh was not reported for Wifi clients, the value was always 0, this is the default value I suppose.

So I have look in the source code and found the line witch cause the problem.

Source filename:
Line: 877

Here is the code:

if (info->signal >= 0) {
client->signal = info->signal;

Atheros chipset report the signal strengh in dBm, this value is mostly always negative. So you see the problem ?

For comparison here is the test for Wifi networks, line 467, same file:

if (info->noise != 0 || info->signal != 0) {
net->signal = info->signal;

This is why it's working for networks.

Jeremy from France.

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