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Posted by:tegg
Subject:kismet_drone with the kismet_server on OS X
Date:12:21:00 26/10/2006

> > Running a test, it looks like the compiler on the x86 Macs honours __atribute__ ((packed)) on elements of a structure, but the compiler on PPC doesn't.
> Yeah, there have been versions which did and versions which didn't on PPC.

So it turns out I was wrong (or at least partially). Apple got back to me, and it seems like the behaviour of gcc on PPC systems is as it should be.

There is an option -malign-natural that will pack the structures as they are on x86 machines. Providing this options to the original code, or changing the packing as I posted earlier will get things working with the defualt Apple compiler on PPC machines.

> I bypassed the whole packed struct problem in newcore while I was revamping the protocol at the same time to avoid this on future platforms. Now if I can just get the rest of the stuff done on newcore :P

:) How are things coming along on newcore? I wouldn't mind checking it out, but don't really want to go through setting up a cross-compile toolchain for the WRT54G if not much is working - I'm primarly using kismet as a drone running on a wrt54g and a server/client running on a mac.


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