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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Any WiSpy Chanelyzer Equivalent?
Date:21:20:28 25/10/2006

> Hi, just wondering - there's a new piece of software from metageek out now for the WiSpy called the chanelyzer (
> Is the planned major re-write going to look like this or will it have this level of functionality? If not, any idea when this will get incorporated?
> BTW, just wanna let you know that the latest version of wispy-tools (09 edition) works fine in detaching the dongle from the kernel under FC3 (so it should work under FC5 but haven't tried yet). Great job Dragorn!

I plan to add some vis options like chanelyzer uses, yeah, hopefully you'll see those show up soon, i'll put up an announcement.

I plan to do it during the revamp to allow multiple sensors, remote sensors, file playback, etc.


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