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Posted by:tegg
Subject:kismet_drone with the kismet_server on OS X
Date:08:00:07 25/10/2006

> > I've had some problems getting kismet_server running os my Mac to talk to a kismet_drone I have running on a WRT54G. This now works for me, so I thought I'd share what I'd found out.
> >
> > When I ran it I was getting FATAL: version mistmach messages.
> hmm... I am doing something very similar here:
> kismet_drone on WRT54GL, OpenWRT rc5, kismet_drone package from OpenWRT repository
> kismet_server (kismet-devel) on Intel Core Duo Mac Mini, OSX10.4.8, Fink 0.8.1 intl.
> and I did NOT run into the above mentioned problem. painless compile & kismet system runs
> stable & like a charm.
> the difference might be the kismet version, or the Fink subsystem, or the Intel architecture...


I think the difference is in the Intel architechture (or at least the gcc Apple ships with the Intel systems).

Running a test, it looks like the compiler on the x86 Macs honours __atribute__ ((packed)) on elements of a structure, but the compiler on PPC doesn't.


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