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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:is it possible to get kismet for windows? and if so where?
Date:19:53:45 24/10/2006

> As the title says I have a wirless adapter with a hign gain antenna it is a linksys adapter and antenna but I have a windows xp machine.So is there something similar to kismet that you can use with windows? or does kismet have a program you can run with windows.

Generally speaking, no. There are no legally unencumbered drivers for windows which support rfmon.

There are 2 options:

1. CACE tech has released a device called the AirPcap, which is a USB wireless card with windows support. Thanks to the work the Cace guys have done, Kismet will soon be able to capture natively on Windows with this device -- WITH THIS DEVICE ONLY however. I don't know if they plan to release drivers or other capture products, but they've got public APIs to their drivers, and that lets projects like Wireshark and Kismet operate with them, so a big kudos there.

2. Once NewCore is done, it will allow plugins. Plugins can define packet capture sources. While I am unwilling and uncomfortable trying to hack into commercial prouduct demo drivers, and will not include that support in kismet for legal/ethical reasons, I can't stop someone else from creating a plugin on windows with that support. This is, of course, pending on the mythical newcore release which is waiting on me getting my crap more together. Many bits are done, some bits are not done.


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