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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet_drone with the kismet_server on OS X
Date:16:58:53 24/10/2006

> I've had some problems getting kismet_server running os my Mac to talk to a kismet_drone I have running on a WRT54G. This now works for me, so I thought I'd share what I'd found out.
> When I ran it I was getting FATAL: version mistmach messages.
> I saw a previous post mentioning this was a problem with structure packing. Turns out this is the problem. The drone is sending a packed structure, but the gcc Apple ships ignore the packing the way it in done is done in the kismet code.
> There is an easy workaround though, as the whole struct is packed, the struct itself can be specified as packed, rather than each of its elements. The stock Apple compiler now properly packs the structures, and the server can communicate to the drone. I've included a diff below.

Newcore mostly works around this problem, but I'll look at what you did and make sure there are no other interactions and then probably merge it in, going to do another kismet-stable release with some bugfixes and support, I'll try to roll it into there.


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