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Posted by:w0ldemar
Subject:strange behavior with multiple atheros cards
Date:05:32:03 23/10/2006

> > I have 2 different atheros based cards in one machine, and am experiencing a strange problem.
> >
> > setup:
> >
> > latest kismet-devel svn version, madwifi_ng, SuSe 10.1
> >
> > channelhopping seems to use the ag channels defined for the WAG311 on BOTH cards.
> > at least this is what i get at the client source display.
> >
> > anybody seen this? or am i doing something really stupid?
> Curious.
> Do me a favor, check and see if it's making kis0 and kis1 properly? The madwifi drivers seemed to go stupid and not make a different interface when presented with just 'kis' so i've changed it to 'kis0' in the svn version, but didn't have a chance to test this.
> If it's making 1 kis interface for 2 cards, everything is going to be unhappy, and might be the root of the problem. If it's making 2, then I need to work on finding things on my end.
> -m

well, after 25 yrs of being in the it business it happened to me too. i posted and then found out that there is only one kis vap being created.

i checked out the svn around october 16.

is there any way of forcing kismet to create two vaps? did you change this after oct 16?

I am going to pull a new svn version and test this evening.

sorry for using your precious time, and many thanks.


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