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Posted by:micele
Subject:problems getting kismet started with aironet
Date:13:04:19 21/10/2006

> I think you mean the 2.6.18 kernel, and thats the problem.

oh yes - i do!

> No it isn't. Thats for kernel 2.4.10 to 2.4.19.

hmm ..

> Read Section 12 in the Kismet Documentation, for capture sources "cisco" and >"cisco_wifix".
> Cisco aironet drivers are borked, so the best bet would be to get a card with >another better behaved chipset.

hm so that's a problem i see! i have a thinkpad x30 and it's very important that it has an INTERNAL card ... its a mini-pci card and i don't kn ow which other cards i can use .. is it possible just to build in for example an atheros card for mini pci?

thanks ..

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