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Posted by:danlaz
Subject:Can't get Prism (SMC or Senao) to channel hop, ATH will hop?
Date:23:04:25 20/10/2006

When I run Kismet using any of my Prism based Cards (SMC 2532W-B or Senao SL-2011CDPlus) the channel hopping does not work..ever. I suppose I should count myself fortunate as when I searched the postings, most reports are that they can't lock channels, opposite to my problem??
It seems to stay on Channel 3 for some reason as indicated in the lower part of the status section dispalying the wifi alias and channel it is on. However, when I use the Cisco 340 a/b/g (Atheros based), along with the other prism card, the 340 hops fine, but the prism cards are still locked on ch3. I suspect the problem lies in the driver, but I haven't a clue how to resolve this.

I have read all the docs, looked at all the configs, etc. and am still at a loss to explain. It used to work fine using the same SW until I reinstalled everything (at least I think I downloaded all the same versions of SW?)

I am running:
fc4 2.6.11

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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